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Boston Bruins Draft

Boston Bruins: Best: Looking back at the Bruins draft history, there are three drafts which stand out in terms of not only providing an influx of useful players but also some very high end talent. In the 2006 draft, the Bruins drafted Phil Kessel (1st round, 5th overall), Milan Lucic (2nd round, 50th overall) and Brad Marchand (3rd round 71st overall). While each player has his share of critics, they…

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Arizona Coyotes Draft

Arizona Coyotes: (includes Winnipeg Jets) Best: There are a few contenders for the best draft in team history. In 1979, the Coyotes/Jets selected Dave Christian (2nd round), Thomas Steen (5th round) and Tim Watters (6th round). Christian and Steen were similar players who had productive NHL careers and Watters was a solid defensive defensemen. A nice return in this draft which could have been so much better (see below).  In the…

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Anaheim Ducks Draft

Anaheim Ducks Since entering the league the Ducks have always had a first round selection. While the club has never had the 1st overall pick in any draft, the Ducks did have the 2nd overall selections in 1992 (Oleg Tverdovksy) and 2005 (Bobby Ryan). Best: A no brainer, the Ducks 2003 draft yielded the club perennial all-stars Ryan Getzlaf (1st round-19th overall) and Corey Perry (1st round-28th overall). In the same draft,…